Staff & Faculty


Dr. Jon M. Jenkins
Founder & Superintendent

Dr. Derek Hagland 
School Administrator 



                              Erin Firman                               
                                       Administrative Secretary                                     


                            Tammie Varney                               Marie Cook
                                       K4, K5, 1st & 2nd Grades                                       3rd, 4th, 5th & 6th Grades


                     Mrs. Jacqueline Fielder                        Sarah Sundelius                   

                                         8th - 12th Grade                                                         Assistant to Mrs. Fielder                                                   



                             Jessica Moody                         

                                                Teachers Aid   





                      Brenda Maginity                                       Mike Willis

                                   Chef, Food Service                                                 Grounds Keeper

Every member of the faculty and staff at Grace Baptist Christian School are active members of the Grace Baptist Church. It is through this local church that they are striving to use their gifts and abilities to further the work of the Lord Jesus Christ. Students benefit from the personal attention of our caring faculty, who are professional, dedicated, and committed to the success of each individual student. Class sizes are small enough for each student to receive individual attention. The love and compassion of our staff and faculty for each student will be evident both in and out of the classroom.